Early Learning Collaborative


HITN Early Learning Collaborative - Overview from HITNEarly Learning Collaborative on Vimeo.

The Early Learning Collaborative (ELC) is designed to leverage the power of technology and transmedia content to help ensure three-to-five-year-old children are fully prepared to begin kindergarten and succeed in school and beyond. The ELC initiative includes three components:

Digital Media Applications – The ELC is developing research-based digital media applications, known as the Pocoyo® PlaySet™, in collaboration with Zinkia Entertainment.  Each PlaySet combines interactive games, songs, and stories in engaging instructional applications that provide adventures in fun and learning for young children, their families and early childhood educators.

Educational Outreach – The ELC is distributing educational outreach materials to enable parents, teachers, caregivers and other adults to interact with the child around the PlaySet content.  The outreach program is also creating partnerships with local organizations in communities throughout the country to provide the PlaySet and supporting materials for economically disadvantaged children and their families.

Research - The ELC, in collaboration with researchers at The Michael Cohen Group, will use ongoing formative research to inform development of the PlaySet.  Summative research will help identify the degree to which the PlaySet and supporting outreach materials achieve the articulated goals.  The summative research uses randomized controlled trials, which are considered the gold standard for rigorous, scientific research.



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